The HEALTHMAID Trademark is available...

This US Registered Trademark for Sale

US Registered Trademark For Sale



is more important

than your family!

"The Possibilities are Endless"

It is no secret that the marketing trend is quickly moving toward the health and wellness industry. We have a structured and in place trademark strategically tailored for the health and wellness industry.

The trademark name is HEALTHMAID.  Along with the registered trademark, we also have available 10 related internet domain extensions which are ready to launch as an "online retail store" with services featuring vitamins, nutritional supplements, skin care products, beauty products, sporting goods and clothing in Class 35 (U.S. CLS. 100, 101, and 102). Again, the possibilities are endless. If this is something that interests you I would be delighted to speak with you or someone on your team to answer any questions you may have. Thank you for reading.